iPhone Has Its Widgets and Your Computer Now Has The Battemberg Cake

iPhone still does not deliver a complete mobile phone experience. I am talking about MMS. You cannot send pictures by mobile MMS on your iPhone. No, sir. You can send them as an email attachment to another email account, but not to someone’s multimedia phone. That is one major bummer for me and all the … Continue reading

British Airways Economy Is Cake or Death

The business class section on the Airbuses is a terrific joke where it comes to legroom, we all know that. I am one that doesn’t mind paying what things are worth, but it’s a joke to charge £500-£700 for a return to Helsinki in Club Class just for a meal on a tray. So I’m … Continue reading

Copyrights and Flags

There are a million reasons I could give as to why music and film, once they enter society, and they are savoured, sampled, devoured and idolised, become particles of popular culture, and hence, once time has stripped the economic return from them, they should become copyright-free for artistic purposes. My hope is that, in the … Continue reading