Tech City: a hub for entrepreneurs the world over

Saad Khan, one of the nicest and most accomplished Silicon Valley investors, and I had the great opportunity of meeting each other this past December when a San Francisco incubator, Opinno, took us and Shai Goldman of SVB to Spain for a tour of public speaking. From Madrid to Castellon to Bilbao, we encountered snow, … Continue reading

Badboy Google Mobile Stake and Agent Murdoch Causing Trouble

Google bought AdMob for USD750 million. The dollars in this purchase are credit crunch dollars, which I reckon in real terms it means they almost bought it for 1 billion of the pre-crisis dollars. This is the second mogul to clearly show the way towards Mobile blueskies. The first one was Apple and their little … Continue reading

Quit Saying You’re The Leading Geezer In Technotown

Robin Wauters from TechCrunch just threw the journalistic toys out of the pram this mid-day: “Damn press releases” he despairs. “Every company is the largest, best, leading, most innovative, ground-breaking, superb, jaw-dropping in their market”. I spend countless hours reading business plans that claim such laureate achievements that a Nobel Prize nomination would be short … Continue reading