Michel Gondry is probably the most talented filmmaker these days. Not only is he the only one to have shot an all-in-camera feature film – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but has now joined our Forces Against Copyrights Evil (*joke*) with Be Kind Rewind. According to Gondry, “Sweding is “you take what you like … Continue reading

Copyrights and Flags

There are a million reasons I could give as to why music and film, once they enter society, and they are savoured, sampled, devoured and idolised, become particles of popular culture, and hence, once time has stripped the economic return from them, they should become copyright-free for artistic purposes. My hope is that, in the … Continue reading

Warholising Eddie Izzard With Lego

One of the typical examples that I give when speaking about co-creation in video content, is this great tryptic derived from a stage performance by Eddie Izzard, the greatest cross-dresser comedian. So we first sample Eddie doing his thing, which BTW, takes inspiration from another film asset, STARWARS. Fast forward to minute 2.16 And when … Continue reading