“The Mentalists” iPhone Gig or How Teen Girls Are Making Music On Their iPhones

When I came across this, the only thing left to do was to post it. No question about it. And they’re from the UK, yeepee-hey! Advertisements

At Last! Filmmakers Join The Co-Creation Wagon In Mobile!

Mike Figgis, acclaimed Brit director, risen to fame for titles such as “Leaving Las Vegas” and “One Night Stand”, has agreed to spearhead a mobile community co-creation experiment with Sony Ericsson. The thing in question is entitled “Life Captured” and it bravely attempts to gather storyboard submissions from around the world consisting of mobile phone … Continue reading


Michel Gondry is probably the most talented filmmaker these days. Not only is he the only one to have shot an all-in-camera feature film – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but has now joined our Forces Against Copyrights Evil (*joke*) with Be Kind Rewind. According to Gondry, “Sweding is “you take what you like … Continue reading