British Airways Economy Is Cake or Death

The business class section on the Airbuses is a terrific joke where it comes to legroom, we all know that. I am one that doesn’t mind paying what things are worth, but it’s a joke to charge £500-£700 for a return to Helsinki in Club Class just for a meal on a tray.

So I’m in Economy which, legroom-wise, I don’t mind, but it’s the darned chiken-and-ham or cheese-and-tomato cold and soggy sandwiches what kills me, specially if I do a couple of one-day trips on a given week…. It’s sandwich or death, really… again for me this Sunday, coming back home…

One Response to “British Airways Economy Is Cake or Death”
  1. Jaime says:

    Most of the entrepreneurs only know the “economy– class”, and is independet of the time of the flight, 2h, 4h, 8h, 12h, etc. We flight a lot, for example, I was in a plane the last three Spain football/soccer matches during the Euro-Cup. We don’t have the problem with the sandwich, we are not used to have the sandwich option.

    One day I will write a book … “The way of the entrepreneur and the sandwich option”

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