TRON Angry Birds

When a little Finnish startup makes it into the popular culture of geekdom-come, it’s time to raise yourself from your seat and Mexican-wave around the globe. Congratulations Mikael and team. Hyyvää!!! Advertisements

British Airways Economy Is Cake or Death

The business class section on the Airbuses is a terrific joke where it comes to legroom, we all know that. I am one that doesn’t mind paying what things are worth, but it’s a joke to charge £500-£700 for a return to Helsinki in Club Class just for a meal on a tray. So I’m … Continue reading

Brit Films vs American Films

I have been working with the New Producers Alliance – the UK’s largest network of producers, directors and script writers, in next year’s seminars and events. Our film industry seems to live these days a clear ramp to bigger box office revenues. Still, it is very hard to find funding for over £20m production budgets … Continue reading