#8 Brand Hacking

#8 Brand Hacking. Advertisements


Michel Gondry is probably the most talented filmmaker these days. Not only is he the only one to have shot an all-in-camera feature film – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but has now joined our Forces Against Copyrights Evil (*joke*) with Be Kind Rewind. According to Gondry, “Sweding is “you take what you like … Continue reading

Warholising Eddie Izzard With Lego

One of the typical examples that I give when speaking about co-creation in video content, is this great tryptic derived from a stage performance by Eddie Izzard, the greatest cross-dresser comedian. So we first sample Eddie doing his thing, which BTW, takes inspiration from another film asset, STARWARS. Fast forward to minute 2.16 And when … Continue reading