Let’s Get This Party Started

I love January 1st of any year. It is such a relief to know that a blank page lays ahead. What’s on the menu for the next 12 months? Professionally, loads of new projects, many of them completely off the left side of the field, others finally making it to the to-do list from the … Continue reading

Badboy Google Mobile Stake and Agent Murdoch Causing Trouble

Google bought AdMob for USD750 million. The dollars in this purchase are credit crunch dollars, which I reckon in real terms it means they almost bought it for 1 billion of the pre-crisis dollars. This is the second mogul to clearly show the way towards Mobile blueskies. The first one was Apple and their little … Continue reading

Brit Films vs American Films

I have been working with the New Producers Alliance – the UK’s largest network of producers, directors and script writers, in next year’s seminars and events. Our film industry seems to live these days a clear ramp to bigger box office revenues. Still, it is very hard to find funding for over £20m production budgets … Continue reading