Lady Gargoyle and Polaroid: Beware

Lady Gaga is Polaroid’s new Creative Director, the firm revealed yesterday at CES. Lucky Polaroid is getting her troupe at House of Gaga for the price of one because this woman’s creativity relies heavily on the off-the-charts talent of her own creative directors – think “Meat Dress”, think “Panzer Shoes” and the rest of the … Continue reading

Apple is hiring customer service personnel

Or so they should. People on the inside like myself, that is, people in the mobile industry that at some point or another have worked or advised Apple, know well that Apple has barely any support personnel. It is just a firm of engineers and designers and the rest of the crowd are a mixture … Continue reading

European startups: a name too Loose to really mean anything anymore

I spent the whole afternoon and evening yesterday evaluating a list of about 50 UK startups that will compete for the title of “European Tech Media Company of the Year” in a high-profile October event in London. Not that I haven’t been involved in similar processes before but the point that I want to highlight … Continue reading