iPhone Has Its Widgets and Your Computer Now Has The Battemberg Cake

iPhone still does not deliver a complete mobile phone experience. I am talking about MMS. You cannot send pictures by mobile MMS on your iPhone. No, sir. You can send them as an email attachment to another email account, but not to someone’s multimedia phone. That is one major bummer for me and all the rest of the Euro-Asian mobile kids who have been doing this since 1999.

So this Friday, my happy weekend post is the genius Battemberg Cake. iPhone is cool because the whole world has developed the cutest – and to a high degree most useless applications, which make the crowd go “AAAhhhhh-Ooohhhh”.

Meet one made for your computer. It is sweet (but of course it is, it’s a cake!)

2 Responses to “iPhone Has Its Widgets and Your Computer Now Has The Battemberg Cake”
  1. Jaime says:

    In my opinion, iPhone is not a real Mobile Phone as we know nowadays. I think that It’s a device between the Mobile Phone and the Computer.You are not going to find the expected services and the quality from a last generation Mobile Phone, and you are not going to find the expected services from a Computer. It can be a new door for a new way or it can be the first step, and not yet completed, for the next technology in our pockets. Will the mobile phone concept survive?

  2. inmamartinez says:

    It is undeniable that the iPhone has brought up one of the biggest disruptions to the mobile industry – precisely for what you mention, the hybrid compu-phone environment. On a Human Factors scale, I am afraid it has ostracised the over 60s-70s market. This sector of the population – at least in Europe, got out of the work market before email became the communications tool that it is today. The only platform that they have known to operate in a multi-media environment has been the camera phone. How is the iPhone going to address this segment that captures images and sends them mobile-to-mobile? MMS is instant. Email is not. Forcing users to backtrack and perform tasks in undynamic ways has never been welcome. I am aware Apple is pushing their MobileMe, and probably what they are after is more subscribers to this environment. Still, disappointing to lose the immediacy of MMS.

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