MWC: The Hangover

MWC is a frenzy of press events in the morning, developer presentations during the day, and parties that kick-off at 4.00 pm or 5.00 pm and sprawl across the city. The Fira – the exhibitions centre – it’s just not enough. And actually, the GSM Association is losing revenue to other venues that the big … Continue reading

London Cyclists: Road Rage and Metropolitan Police Not Pursuing Criminal Acts

This afternoon I was attacked by a London cyclist. At 5.10 pm on the Uxbridge Road, as I waited in the middle of the street for the traffic to clear to veer to my sidestreet, finally the light went green and a van driver waited for me to make my turn. Flying past all the … Continue reading

Tech City: a hub for entrepreneurs the world over

Saad Khan, one of the nicest and most accomplished Silicon Valley investors, and I had the great opportunity of meeting each other this past December when a San Francisco incubator, Opinno, took us and Shai Goldman of SVB to Spain for a tour of public speaking. From Madrid to Castellon to Bilbao, we encountered snow, … Continue reading