MWC: The Hangover

MWC is a frenzy of press events in the morning, developer presentations during the day, and parties that kick-off at 4.00 pm or 5.00 pm and sprawl across the city. The Fira – the exhibitions centre – it’s just not enough. And actually, the GSM Association is losing revenue to other venues that the big brands take over for their tradeshows. 50,000 people decended upon the city of Barça, of Art and and of the merely 1.7m dwellers that each year triple and cuadriple the prices of hotel rooms in an effort to grab the mobile euros. My first MWC was in the lovely Cannes, in the South of France. It was 1997. We were a handful. Now MWC is like going to Vegas on a barchelor(ette) party.

The best surprises for me where as follows:
– In spite of the mammoth stand that Samsung fitted with all their flashy toys, across from it, a more modest-sized LG stand got mobbed every single day. I could not even walk through it. LG and its 3D products are the “wow” factor kids in the multimedia section.
– Google owned the place. They even built a massive slide that had at the end a photo-finish camera taking snapshots of your landing. With Android taking 60% of the voice market, you can take this conference with a pinch of salt, considering that last year the didn’t even bother with it. Well done, guys. Eric Schmidt delivered his now “cult” speech a day earlier and then went onto Berlin to deliver an even scarier message. He basically breezed through MWC onto greener and more important fields. As he should, because he can. Jobs is not the only diva in town, in case you didn’t know it.
HP Tablet is going to make you want to ditch your toy-iPad to the ground. Mark my words.

My luggage never made it to Barcelona, so I went the whole week in 7-inch heels that now have me walking like a Chinese doll. Pain is not a big enough word.


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