London Cyclists: Road Rage and Metropolitan Police Not Pursuing Criminal Acts

This afternoon I was attacked by a London cyclist. At 5.10 pm on the Uxbridge Road, as I waited in the middle of the street for the traffic to clear to veer to my sidestreet, finally the light went green and a van driver waited for me to make my turn. Flying past all the cars on the bicycle lane, a pushbike zoomed by, oblivious to the traffic and the fact that I was turning. I almost ran him over. Welcome to the Outlaw London cyclists: those who bike on the pavement, those who go over red lights and the many that basically do not give a shit about the laws or the flow of traffic or the fact that there are blind spots that they should prevent and anticipate if they wish to stay alive and for the rest of us drivers not to have nightmares about running over another human being on a bike. Yes, us, we who abide by the law, mind our own business and who find their driving lives up-side-down because out-of-nowhere, someone on a bike thinks he or she is superman.

The fact that I was pulling from a stop-motion position allowed me to apply the brakes immediately and not bulldoze this moron. But here is where London and its bicycle lanes and all the Borhysteria turn sour: this 35 year old white male proceeded to attack my car by destroying mirrors and everything on his way. In broad daylight, in front of about 100 people, with me in my car and my dog howling with shock. When I almost managed to unleash myself from the safety belt he decided that enough damage was done and jumped on his bike and did a runner.

Here is the quick sequence of events:
– local shop-keepers approach me offering themselves as witnesses and encouraging me to go and report it to the nearest Metropolitan Police which coincidentally is one block down the road;
– I go and report it.

Here is what I am told:
– CCTV footage is owned by the boroughs, not the police. We know that.
– The footage will be checked and if identification of the subject in question is possible, such footage will be made available to the Metropolitan Police.
– The Met will check if such individual caught on CCTV camera performing an act of violence or crime is already in their books.
– If he or she is not, they will not proceed further on their investigation.

– A white male attacks a woman alone in her car in broad daylight and he will get away with this because by the look of his bike and his clothes this man is not likely to be a criminal, but most probably he’s an office worker with a good salary rather than a drug dealer or a car thief or a burglar.
– Road rage is rampant whether in cars or bikes or bicycles, but if I was a huge man sitting in my car, this violent cyclist would have thought twice what he was doing. I am sick of being abused by the violence of men. And worse, the fact that English Law has loopholes such as this.
– I can understand that the Metropolitan Police is overworked, underfunded and in urgent need to chase and book murderers, traffickers, ring leaders and crime that puts people in prison but: whatever happened to having morals and fearing the law and being caught in any kind of offense?

I am told that the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough, the owners of the footage, will not release the footage to me so that I, with my humble means, can try to track down the man that damaged my car and assaulted me. Apparently it is because of Data Protection Laws. So how come last year the CCTV footage of a woman applying lipstick whilst driving in her car was released to the media and she was publicly shamed? What about that other woman that put a kitty inside a dustbin? How the blazes footage such as those get released to the public? Where was Data Protection when they needed to cover their shameful acts?

In 2005 I was attacked, beaten up and robbed in broad view in Notting Hill in front of people on the street, buses passing by and fancy restaurants. All because of an iPod. Several visits to Paddington Police, computer line-ups and driving around in undercover silver BMWs chasing local teenagers got me no where. The police was very fair: all public assaults perpetrated by teenagers are directed to women walking alone on the street, even old ladies. We are the easy prey.

So again, this afternoon, if I would have looked like a mean motherf9875wtr in my car, I may have stood the chance that a violent middle-class son of a gun would have thought twice about coming over to bash my car.

Whatever Happened To Public Name and Shame?

Boroughs have the obligation to instill respect for public and private property, to ensure that people can walk the streets in peace and that THANKS TO CCTV everyone feels the fear of God that their acts will be caught on camera and displayed publicly for everyone to see. WE NEED PUBLIC SHAMING BACK.

So an act like the one this afternoon should be put on YouTube for everyone to see, and hopefully this guy’s boss, and work colleagues, and girlfriend and parents can get to see what he gets up to when he jumps on that bike of his feeling empowered to violently attack others even when out of his own fault he almost causes a traffic accident.

Making Cyclists Part Of Traffic
– Why the heck a moving vehicle such as a bike riding on the public roads is not obliged to be registered displaying a license plate?
– do you want to ride your bikes alongside motorists? Abide by the laws of road traffic;
– London Boroughs: why are you getting me on CCTV 24/7 if you cannot protect me from violent crime??????????????


One Response to “London Cyclists: Road Rage and Metropolitan Police Not Pursuing Criminal Acts”
  1. frank says:

    im putting this in after seeing the road rage incident on tv. i drive a 45 foot coach. i have had a few wrists waving at me.. but unless you are sitting in a coach.. i have just driven past you trying to give you room cause i dont want to knock you down. you have seen how difficult it is for me. i am trying to watch idiots in cars, motorbikes, taxis, buses and yes cyclists coming from all angels. there are only a couple of blind spots when driving a coach or lorry. i would invite any of you to come sit in a coach with me driving in the cities.. if ive just past you, why do you want to pass me, knowing im going to be overtaking you again. its just totally stupid. ive got 53 people on a coach and you risk there lives too.. i always try my best to give you room but on some bends, im going to be severly close to you cause of the reasons ive just put…

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