Apple is hiring customer service personnel

Or so they should. People on the inside like myself, that is, people in the mobile industry that at some point or another have worked or advised Apple, know well that Apple has barely any support personnel. It is just a firm of engineers and designers and the rest of the crowd are a mixture of overworked and über-stressed employees. In Europe it is actually worse. So when your app was not really making it to the Appstore this summer and you contacted developer support, what is it that you got? Nothing. Though there seems to be one person in charge, sadly he can’t be cloned and the day only’s got 24 hours, so tough love.

In the past two days, people with iOS 4.2.1 – all of us idiots that sync our software regularly, have survived two sad discoveries: one, that the alarm on our iPhones did not work, and two, and this is the worst, that Apple knew about it but did not alert customers. Read here the response from Apple that the good people at Engaget got on January 2, 2011.


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