Let’s Get This Party Started

I love January 1st of any year. It is such a relief to know that a blank page lays ahead.

What’s on the menu for the next 12 months? Professionally, loads of new projects, many of them completely off the left side of the field, others finally making it to the to-do list from the “wished-I-had-the-time-for” notes on my phone.

The plan: make lifestyle plans for the next 3 months, life-changing plans for the next 6, take the summer off planning non-sense and come September lay the strategy for an end-of-year closing with a bang.

Resolutions: finally having the courage to write a politically incorrect blog about technology, entrepreneurship and “have-we-all-lost-our-spines?” which is really about putting pen to paper on many of the societal events that affect us all and that no one seems to care for.

Thought of the day: I need to get my hands on an LG Optimus and a Kindle 3G today before the VAT goes up on Tuesday.


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