TFL and RMT & TSSA: You So Totally Suck

Dear Mr. Brown, MD of TFL and Mr. Crow, General Secretary of RMT & TSSA

Today I am unable to attend an important conference and to perform my professional skills because there is another 24 hours tube strike. As reported on Twitter this morning by many London citizens, there are not even picket lines at the tube stations. It is as if Londoners had become ultimately resigned to your damaging activities. It’s a British thing to do, to put up and take stock. Well, I come from a different generation. I was brought up to believe that one man or woman can start making a difference. I am also a child of the web, where this precise concept has ignited the birth of many of the technology services that we enjoy today. So beware: your leisurely time has come to an end.

I’d like to introduce you to the power of the Silent Minority. Although I would personally like to come by your office and tell you myself – and in my wildest dreams I even get to slap your face, I will not do such thing because that would be uncivic. I will also not do that because there is a better way to let you feel our fury. It is what you do when your civil liberties have been shafted: you turn yourself into a zombie, or you let the oppressors know that “silently” you hate their guts and that you know – and they know – that their actions are ruining life for us all. It is what King Olaf of Norway did when he planted a yellow star of David on his lapel and so did all the rest of the Oslo citizens, ruining the show for the Nazis that showed up to hunt Jewish Norwegians. It is what Ghandi, Dr. King, Mandela and even the 1981 Irish Hunger Strikers did: you passively prove that your oppressors cannot take you for a ride, annul you, schlepp all over you. Because this is what you do to us all here in the city of London every time you go on strike and shut down the public transport: we can’t go to work, we can’t take our children to school, tourists – who leave quite a good deal of revenue in our city each day, cannot visit sites and contribute to our GDP, and you turn the roads into chaos. Above all this: you make us all feel at ransom. And this is not what our grandfathers fought for on the beaches. Your liberties cannot be the oppression of the majority.

So I am posting this and twittering it and see where my digital friends and the rest of the citizens take it. And we’ll organise ourselves and probably come up with whatever solutions we are prepared to take into our own hands, whilst Boris Johnson our elected Mayor, does what he can through the political channels.

How about if when you asked for passenger co-operation on the platforms we would all move at snail pace? How about if we were to make the point of asking useless questions at your information desks just take up your time and annoy you? How about if we all wore a pin on our lapels that would read “RMT & TSSA SUCK” just to remind you that every time that you go on strike you insult all the teachers, nurses, doctors, and professionals in this country that DO NOT GO ON STRIKE and KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON?

The crisis has hit everyone. So if TFL has to lay people off, what do you think has been the case across all other sectors? Wake up and get real!

One Response to “TFL and RMT & TSSA: You So Totally Suck”
  1. Annoyed says:

    Totally agree! I’ve got tons of friends have lost jobs in the last couple of years, you don’t see us going round ruining someone else’s day just because we’re unhappy. Why not leave the ticket gates open and deprive TFL of revenue if you feel you must do something? You’re just pissing everyone off and damaging your cause guys.

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