TechCrunch Europas: Awards for everybody and a kicker for the next 12 months

Last night the crowds celebrated European entrepreneurship in true English-pub culture style: beer in hand, and cheering like we’re all standing on the terraces. If you are not English you will have no clue about what I just described. I shall translate: the Europas Awards were handed and announced totally giving a miss to formality and letting the crowd get loose and scream as much as they wanted, all of us milling around with drinks in our hands and setting an atmosphere of “watching sports at your local pub”.

And the Englishness continued: nobody danced. Yes, we were not in Paris or Madrid. We did what we do best: talk and drink and be irreverent at some points (good on Michael Birch when he thanked from the stage the beer sponsors – who cares about the other boring lot, right?)

To me, the night put two things on my mental map for the next 12 months:

1. Money is going to be there and finally complimented by true great advice. Kudos to ProFounders Capital. I have high hopes that Brent, Sean and Michael will show us how it’s done. It was about time that forces were pulled together for this (yes, Martin Varsawski, TAG and other private investors who have made their money entrepreneurially have contributed to this as well) but I have the feeling ProFounders has some great moves up their sleeves, even if they did not show them on the empty dancefloor last night.

2. JoliCloud is going to face the mother of all battles in the next 12 months fending Google off. It’s going to be a Ridley Scott classic and I hope Gladiator Tariq will “unleash hell” as much as a David can when faced by the Goliath that Google is, with all their millions, their market presence and all the Lord Voldemort dark magic that many warn us that they’ve got. Get your wands out and fight the (G)moogles.

To add to the festivities, this weekend The Mighty Guardian is throwing a 2-day online cool music startups extravaganza, very VIP, and some of the Europas royalty – Soundcloud, RJDJ, will be in attendance. Great way to pimp some knowledge for internal purposes on a key area of the web that will eventually steal many people’s thunder. What happens if you say no and decline to attend? Why consult for free for companies that is not clear to me what they really add to the mix coming from a business that is dying?

I am moody, I can tell. Better go out for lunch.

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  1. […] TechCrunch Europas: Awards for everybody and a kicker for the next 12 months […]

  2. […] TechCrunch Europas: Awards for everybody and a kicker for the next 12 months […]

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