How stupid can you be to piss Michael Arrington off?

Thomas Crampton sent the link yesterday. TechCrunch man at the helm has thrown the toys out of the pram, as we say in Cockney London.

PR agencies and their embargoes. Since when one goes against the hand that feeds you to the market? Whatever happened to choosing who you work with for your news to the industry and the conveyor belt of sending your news to the wires?

I support Michael’s standpoint. I believe in people that stamp their feet on the ground and scream “Stop the madness!!”.  Will this bring out better journalism for readers? Will this separate real news and the context in which they come to market from news that have been manipulated for their time to market and how that serves the corporate master plan as opposed to revealing what really goes on with companies?

In an era of paparazzi, assault on celebrities and pretty much every piece of media almost raw in your face a la Perez Hilton, will technology news get on the “take no prisoners wagon”? I hope so.


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