At Last! Filmmakers Join The Co-Creation Wagon In Mobile!

Mike Figgis, acclaimed Brit director, risen to fame for titles such as “Leaving Las Vegas” and “One Night Stand”, has agreed to spearhead a mobile community co-creation experiment with Sony Ericsson. The thing in question is entitled “Life Captured” and it bravely attempts to gather storyboard submissions from around the world consisting of mobile phone snapshots of the people’s lives under time categories that Mike has set himself. Once uploaded, the storyboards can be viewed by anyone, from close friends to the biggest names in Hollywood (or so we hope). Afterviewing all the storyboards submitted, Figgis will select a national winner from each participating country. That person will then receive a personal brief from him to capture images for the final cut. This is when Sony Ericsson will “throw in” some C902 Cyber-shot cameraphones, apparently equipped with the fastest aperture and hence allowing better spontaneity from the artist.

Here is Mike Figgis being interviewed about digital filmmaking and the door that it opens to anyone being able to shoot with high level of quality, therefore widening the opportunity for amateur filmmaking.


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