Michel Gondry is probably the most talented filmmaker these days. Not only is he the only one to have shot an all-in-camera feature film – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but has now joined our Forces Against Copyrights Evil (*joke*) with Be Kind Rewind.

According to Gondry, “Sweding is “you take what you like and mix it with some other things you like and make a new thing. It’s not the thing it was but now it’s a new thing based on the old thing. It’s putting you into the thing you like. That’s “sweding”.

Here is Michel “sweding” his own trailer.

I am banging on this because the reality is emerging now amidst filmmakers themselves, who do not mind when fans do remixes of their films. I had conversations about this at Cannes and it is definitely a topic that will get bigger as the year progresses and independent filmmakers get closer to their fans by letting them co-create. Be kind, rewind is a co-created film and a sweet metaphore of what this wave brings to us all. Rent it. It’s now on video. And go to this site to watch all the “sweded” films Jack Black and Def Mos did on the film. You will want to shoot your own home movies.

One Response to “Sweding”
  1. Jaime says:

    I think that next step in the industry will be giving the users the tools to customize the work we are publishing. If you see the evolution of the gaming market and the evolution of the film market, you will see that gaming is evolving faster and is growing more than film market (interaction?), and next step will give the user the way of cutomization the content. Is like customize a car by your own.
    In USA, they have the software patents and som restrictions laws to avoid people and companies to mix third party software with your own software work, but in my opinion, users want to show their friends their way of viewing the content. We need a tool to give the users a film including the customization system. Adapt the content to your own way and distribute to your community or contacts.
    Everyone wants to be the director to show our way of seeing the world.

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