Warholising Eddie Izzard With Lego

One of the typical examples that I give when speaking about co-creation in video content, is this great tryptic derived from a stage performance by Eddie Izzard, the greatest cross-dresser comedian.

So we first sample Eddie doing his thing, which BTW, takes inspiration from another film asset, STARWARS. Fast forward to minute 2.16

And when this content, which takes leverage from another asset, is remixed by another artist,he credits Eddie clearly and we get this:

But the medium is open to remixing the asset with one’s best skills and creativity, and the one that for me beats them all is this:

Warholising is a term we coined at Sense Worldwide when we produced insight research about why people remix, mashup and appropriate third party content to create something superior. This definition is precise: one has to aim artistically to offer an enhanced experience. From this point of elevating the subject, Warhol got away with not being sued by Campbell soup, or Jeff Koons by Spalding.

Why on earth record labels and film studios do not release the copyrights to their materials when the remixing is for the sake of art and not economic – and here we are, begging for the crumbs of Creative Rights, when in the Art world all these pieces go for millions to the artist, his agents and auction houses… It is something that I am fighting in every meeting I have with Execs in the aforementioned businesses. Cory has been a great help but he is now, more than ever, a full-time science fiction writer…


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