Here We Go Again…

In 2002 I started a blog called Mongodibongo. I blogged about my life and work, as well as on technology & surfing (because both are hugely present amongst the things I love the most). My most exciting comment came from someone in Phuket. That’s when I noticed the power of this thing called blogging. Then I stopped in late 2005. I got busy working across continents (London-Finland-Australia), I felt I needed privacy, I simply stopped altogether. I knew I had reached the point of saturation. I knew it was time for xtreme input into my brains rather than output. I got into other mediums of expression like animation, film, design, fashion, branding. I read avidly.

Good friends like Azeem Azahar, Clay Shirky et al. have blogged on what drives people to blog. I approach this from a different angle, which has to do with quantum physics, which is what I still secretly read. Quantum mechanics has also mathematically proved, as well as empirically, with the famous Double Slit experiment, that there is a single consciousness in the universe that connects even at atomic level. All this hoola-baloo of the social networks theory is proof and result that the desire to connect increases as the mediums to do so make it more feasible.

I will blog about this and other things, but just now, let me clarify: nothing is coincidental, connections between people, and events and people, and thoughts and the thoughts of others are establishing a universal psyche that is producing a new society. In this society, co-creation is the driving force. Technology is making that possible and is getting us to savour reality with a fuller flavour, in an almost palatable form that drive us to blog, to text, to share, to create with the input of others. Networked, together and decentralised.

What You Will Find Here
+ Self-expression creative outputs that are in disruption phase (music, film, conceptual art, design, gaming)
+ Openended mashups in music, film, and other creative mediums
+ Change
+ Consumer behaviours in transformation
+ Design as a subconscious format for connection and adoption
+ Change
+ Positive Devianism

I work with entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists, but also with large corporations that are being forced to change and so evolve. This is why some of my topics may address funding, leadership, creativity, courage, opportunity, fear, market-timing, and other emotions and surrounding events felt by many and uncontrolled or unpredicted but solvable;

My approach to anything and everything is that change is a phase that allows evolution, and hence improvement, survival, transformation. The handicap of change is that fear of the unknown slows or stops the process, and hence stagnation, uni-vision, refuge, negation occurs.

This blog is not my blog. It is a repository of knowledge and commentary so that a viable use of it may help others work better, be inspired and change their immediate surroundings for the highest benefit of all concerned. So feel free to participate, connect your work to it, challenge and debate.

Thank you


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